You are advised to read carefully the terms and additional terms before agreeing to subscribe any Kembara Sufi Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (KSTTSB) packages. The conditions and terms are in addition to the provisions of these terms and conditions in the Fourth Schedule of the Tourism Industry Act 1992.

It does not reduce the effect of the provisions of the Fourth Schedule Tourism Industry Act 1992 and where there is any conflict, the terms and conditions in the Fourth Schedule of the Act 1992 is applicable. If you make a reservation and pay a deposit for any Kembara Sufi Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (KSTTSB) packages, you were bound by contract with the KSTTSB. It signifies that you have agreed with all the terms and conditions KSTTSB.

1.How to Make a Reservation:

1.1) Payment is made in three (3) stages, namely a first deposit, second deposit (2nd payment) and full payment

1.2) You must contact us first before booking to find availabilities of seat and date of trip which is still open.

1.3) A deposit is required to reserve. Without making a booking deposit, payment will not be processed and Kembara Sufi will not save seats without any reservation and payment.

1.4) The details must be sent to us immediately after the booking has been made.

1.5) The amount of deposits for the package of more than RM5000, the deposit must be RM1000 and the second deposit RM2000 be made after two (2) months from the date of first deposit.

1.6) For the package under  RM5000, the deposit will be RM500 and the second deposit RM1,000 after two (2) months from the payment of the first deposit.

1.7) Packages that depends on the current price of flight tickets, the deposit is dependent on the actual current airlines price.

1.8) Full payment is due forty-five (45) days prior to trip departure. If you fail to pay at that time without notice, we reserve the right to cancel the trip and penalty charges will apply.

1.9) If the reservation is made less than sixty (60) days prior to the trip. You need to make full payment directly.

1.10) The deposit must be made according to time and amount that had been agreed, if you are late, the package price offered may be changed based on the current price of airline tickets.

1.11) Proof of receipt of payment shall be written the name, identity card number, and the date of the trip on it before it was handed to us.

1.12) The booking deposit payment that has been made  indicate our agreement and be conclusive evidence that you have agreed to all terms and conditions of our company.

2.The accuracy of the details or personal information when booking packages:

2.1) Upon booking a package, all the details that you provide to KSTTSB is the information that will be used by the company to complete all the package that you subscribe.

2.2) You are required to verify the details / own personal information before you make a deposit and if no correction is made, all information given is considered correct and final.

2.3) KSTTSB not be held liable for any incidents or problems that arise as a result of wrong details or personal information that you provide.

2.4) You are fully responsible for declaring your health before making a deposit.

2.5) KSTTSB have the right to refuse your reservation if you are found to be harmful to the health of yourself and safety of other members in your tour group.

2.6) If you need help because of your health, you are required to bring other family members to help you along the way and help bring your own equipment such as wheelchairs and medicines.

2.7) KSTTSB not be held responsible for keeping you personally or give medication if you are sick.

2.8) If your condition requires care personally, KSTTSB entitled to charge extra to you to hire a third party to take care of you.

3.Verification of information and correct package details:

3.1) You are required to check the information on the package that you booked before making the payment of the deposit including the package price, the date of return flight and time of departure and arrival, hotel accommodation and the type of room chosen and other information as shown in the receipt of payment and / or confirmation letter.

3.2) You are deemed to have agreed with all the information on the receipt or confirmation letter and held full responsibility for any risk or additional costs on the package. If you fail to report any errors in the details of your packages within 24 hours, the date of receipt or letter confirmation will be issued.

4.Payment of Packages:

4.1) KSTTSB only accept payment by cash, bank draft or personal check and credit card through our branch.

4.2) KSTTSB right to detain you until the fulfillment of the  deposit via bank draft or personal check.

4.3) KSTTSB not responsible if the package was sold out due to the delayed fulfillment of a personal check, bank draft by you.

4.4) For the payment of a package that is less than 7 working days before the date of the flight, KSTTSB reserves the right to refuse payment by personal check, and if no payment package by cash, it leads to result which is your package automatically cancelled and any payment that was paid will be forfeited in accordance with the Fourth Schedule Tourism Industry Act 1992, but if you inform us in advance, we will consider the application.

4.5) Receipt of payment must be kept for reference and proof of payment in respect of all matters with KSTTSB.

5.Extra Charges:

5.1) Tipping is a fee for tour guide and drivers.

5.2) Travel insurance is not included in the tour package. Participants are encouraged to take travel insurance with any insurance agent. We also can arrange the travel insurance (price according to the type of package and destination).

5.3) All tour entrance fees are not included in the package, unless otherwise indicated. (The entrance fee is a choice and optional).

5.4) Additional fees will be charged for the trip during ‘peak season’ (depending on the current situation)

5.5) Charge for the single person (single room) will be charged during the trip.


6.1) Movement of participants from one place to another destination are by bus, mini bus, van, etc. depending on the package KSTTSB.

6.2) Type of flight (airlines) will depend on the current situation corresponding to the package price. Any changes we will inform later. (Mahan Air, Oman Air, Air Asia, Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Thai Airways, KLM Airlines, Singapore Airlines and others).

6.3) The weight of luggage that has been provided is between 20-30 kg according to the type of flights that have been set. Hand-carry baggage weight is only 7 Kg. If the baggage weight exceeds, participants have to pay excess baggage to the airline. The company will not be responsible from any excess baggage of participants.

6.4) Your package includes tickets from KLIA / KLIA 2 to the destinations only and not including domestic flight ticket to KLIA / KLIA 2. Although the letter with your flight schedule has been printed, the schedule is still subject to revision by the airlines.

6.5) In the event of any change or amendment to the flight schedule, KSTTSB not be held liable for any damages including domestic ticket change fees, additional hotel or any other distress as a result of the amendment.

6.6) KSTTSB also not responsible for any claim for damages, which arise as a result of schedule changes, delays, cancellations, missed connection, mechanical problems, bad weather, restructuring seat in the flight, lost / delayed luggage, delayed immigration clearance and / or refusal of a flight by the airline.

7.Cancellation & Exchange of Packages:

7.1) Any cancellation or Exchange of packages / date shall be in writing / email / whatsapp only to our staff according to each package in order to avoid misunderstandings. Please also enclose a death certificate, doctor’s letter or supporting documents. (If related).

7.2) If the cancellation is made based on the private reasons, you are subject to all the terms and conditions.

7.3) If KSTTSB receive notice of the cancellation / redemption package 45 days or more before departure, an administration fee of RM50.00 or 2% of travel packages (as above) shall be applicable.

7.4) If notice of cancellation is received 44 days or less before departure, the following charges will apply:

Cancellation is Received Cancellation Charges Per Person
22-44 working days before trip Disarmament of deposit
15-21 working days before trip 35% from packages price
8-14 working days before trip 50% from packages price
3-7 working days before trip 75% from packages price
2 working days before trip 100% from packages price


7.5) If the ticket already purchased, or hotel reservations and others have been made, the cost of the price should be borne 100% by the participants.

7.6) Change of dates, additional (fare and tax) and etc will borne 100% to the participants.

7.7) If KSTTSB cancel the trip for various reasons (safety / emergency after approved by the Embassy of the country visited) or airline postpone the trip, we will provide two (2) options (after discussing with airlines), which are either the date of the visit is postponed or change the place of visit. If the participants do not want to follow the choices that we had provided, the reservation fee can not be refunded unless the payments are subject to the terms and conditions of the current only (if any).

7.8) If the company or department of your own cancel and do not approve of your leave after the reservation is made, KSTTSB is not responsible. You should refer to the company or your department regarding the decision.

7.9) If you receive any immigration restrictions, Visa, involve additional expenses, refunds and compensation of its kind when it arrived in the country visits, the participants have full responsibility for the payment or loss.


8,1) itinerary attached is common or standard only. If there are any changes in terms of time and so on, we will inform later.

8.2) We reserve the right to reschedule or change a tour or skip a visit depending on the circumstances, either in terms of weather, traffic jams, things that happen unexpectedly and festivities during the visit. Delay participants when tour can also lead to changes in the itinerary. You must meet all regulations during the visit.

9.Final preparations:

9.1) Each participant that follows the trip must ensure they does not have any blacklist related/ restrictions in terms of taxation, loans, to ensure that all participants do not have a problem with immigration that could cause participants to miss the flight.

9.2) Please be confirm the validity period (Validity / expiry date) more than six (6) months from the date of the tour.

9.3) For passport holder excluding Malaysia, you need to refer to the Immigration Department or embassy in their respective countries to ensure a visa is required or not.

9.4) We will not be responsible in case of any problem at the airport (airport) on a later day as a result of the above.


10.1) Minimum booking is two (2) adults (1 room). If there any reserve for single room within 45 days before the trip and there still no partner / roommate, we reserve the right to charge an additional RM 1500 per person for a single room (depending on the package taken).

10.2) If the participant refuses to pay any extra charge, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without any refund of payments by participants.

10.3) The hotel room provided only a Twin and Double bed only. Extra bed for the third participant if the participant reserve a Triple room.

11.Outbreak (Act of God):

11.1) Each travel package has been arranged KSTTSB will continue if there is no restriction from the countries because of epidemic / disease or etc but the company KSTTSB entitled to proceed and change the schedule program and practice preventive measures and proper sanitation to ensure the safety of the participants.

11.2) All costs or payments made by the company KSTTSB to the airlines, hotels, transport, meals and local travel company will not be returned to the participant if the participant cancel the package because of the epidemic / disease as long as that country does not block the entrance to their country and there is no travel restriction from the government of Malaysia (Wisma Putra).

11.3) The company will follow all instructions terms and conditions of the airline, hotel, transportation, meals and local travel company and will inform the participants.


12.1) Claim of vat / tax for personal expenses in any KSTTSB package is a personal matter. In all such matters and losses, we shall not be liable.

12.2) Any claim for damage / loss / theft of personal goods must be accompanied by a report from the police or airport.

12.3) Insurance coverage is highly recommended whether it be with our insurance representative or with another insurance agent. In the event of an insurance claim please contact the insurance agent directly.

12.4) KSTTSB will only be responsible for products or services that have been approved. Claims may only be made on the services offered.

12.5) Any refund request is subject to the airlines’ terms and conditions without any guarantee of a refund or condition.

12.6) Claims for refunds cannot be made against KSTTSB or summonsed for any unforeseen events such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks (Act 0f GOD), emergencies, wars and etc.

12.7) All claims matters which are not included in the KSTTSB service offer, must await and follow the decisions of the relevant agencies, departments and governments.

12.8) The Customer shall not sue or bring the case to court in the event of a misunderstanding before properly discussing with KSTTSB.

13.Health and Insurance Protection:

13.1) You MUST obtain sufficient and appropriate travel insurance to conduct a visit organized by KSTTSB and this is a condition of your contract with KSTTSB.

13.2) The Customer is solely responsible for arranging their own insurance or consulting with our insurance representative and we reserve the right to request a copy of the insurance policy and / or receipt.

13.3) Proper insurance policies should provide adequate protection against medical expenses arising from illnesses or accidents before or during the holidays and loss of vacation money through cancellation and reduction of leave for insurance purposes.

13.4) You must be satisfied that your insurance covers all of your personal needs including your current medical condition and you must ensure that there is no exclusion clause that limits coverage for the types of activities performed during the visit.

13.5) Your insurance policy should also cover loss of luggage, delays, unforeseen changes to travel arrangements, cancellations, natural disasters, unforeseen matters, the Act of God, emergency medical evacuation, infectious diseases, epidemics, violence etc.

13.6) We reserve the right to cancel the booking, without any liability for the refund, of any customer who cannot satisfy us that they have purchased appropriate travel insurance under this clause. In addition, if you choose to travel without adequate insurance coverage, we will not be liable for any losses incurred, for which insurance coverage will be available.

13.7) Customers must be prepared for travel with a good health for the tour.

13.8) Customers should conduct a medical examination before attempting to follow any package organized by KSTTSB. It is important that customers with existing health problems or medical conditions need to first inform us before booking.

13.9) Customers are also advised to consult a doctor / specialist for vaccination or other medical needs before traveling and to bring medical reports along the way.

13.10) Participants with health problems such as heart / asthma / chronic / pregnant women are asked to obtain a letter of confirmation from the doctor to confirm that the participant is allowed to follow the KSTTSB package or board an airplane and take appropriate and adequate medication.

13.11) Participants with disabilities or those using wheelchairs / sticks are not encouraged to follow any KSTTSB package unless they have a companion or heir with them throughout the trip to facilitate their tour.

13.2) In the event of unforeseen events such as accidents and deaths, KSTTSB only will play a vital role in helping to manage matters according to standard health and safety procedures without incurring any costs involved.

13.13) KSTTSB reserves the right to cancel the booking of any participant without any refund if any participant is dissatisfied with the travel insurance provided by KSTTSB subject to the prescribed clause.

13.14) If you travel with KSTTSB without any travel insurance, the company will not be liable for any inconvenience happens after that.